Image Source: Mom Is A Dirty Word

“Mom Is A Dirty Word” is a feature-documentary by American mother, Samantha Rife, that explores the negative stigma surrounding motherhood. Interestingly, it explores a dichotomy of praise and discrimination within American society.

“American culture praises motherhood and family, while simultaneously discriminating against mothers and their children through the media and public policy.”

The documentary is a great insight into the inequality experienced by mothers, featuring real life experience from Rife herself.

You can watch the trailer for “Mom Is A Dirty Word” here.




About The Modern Motherhood Project


Welcome to The Modern Motherhood Project, a campaign created to redefine our idea of “motherhood”. Not just motherhood, but modern motherhood – a role that involves the juggling of responsibilities, within and beyond the home.

Our aim is to bring awareness to the societal expectations and negative stigma that shape and limit our cultural perceptions of motherhood.

This campaign will work towards creating acceptance of motherhood in all its forms, from its trials to its tribulations. Because motherhood isn’t always the former or the latter. It is not perfect. But there is always #BeautyInTheMess.

The Modern Motherhood Project is run by Michelle.

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