‘The Honest Body Project’, created by photographer, Natalie McCain, explores postpartum body image in an authentic and candid way. McCain has aimed to shift the societal postpartum discussion from how mothers intend to return to their pre-pregnancy bodies (and as swiftly as possible) to simply embracing the wonder of what those bodies have done.

The ‘After the Baby Is Born’ series not only focuses on the unique body of shapes of women post-delivery but refers back to the intimate connection between mother and child. McCain has stated her objective of the beautiful photo series was to put an end to the pressure faced by new mothers to return to the bodies that had before conceiving.

“Society puts so much pressure on women to ‘bounce back’ after giving birth and I want to help break that cycle…These women are baring their hearts and souls to help show the variations of bodies after giving birth.”

In an interview with Huffington Post, McCain stated that it is unlikely for women to “bounce back” in the ways celebrities do and as portrayed in the media. “Some women certainly do slim down quickly after birth, but this isn’t the norm for most mothers.” Nor does it have to be. If it is, terrific. And if it’s not, well, that’s also terrific.”

Below are the beautiful images from McCain’s series, ‘After The Baby Is Born‘.

1-The-Honest-Body-Project-1200x800_0 2-The-Honest-Body-Project-1200x800 3-The-Honest-Body-Project-1200x800 4-The-Honet-Body-Project-1200x800 5-The-Honest-Body-Project-1200x800 6-The-Honest-Body-Project-1200x800 7-The-Honest-Body-Project-1200x800 8-The-Honest-Body-Project-1200x800 9-The-Honest-Body-Project-1200x800



Photos from Fit Pregnancy


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