Flick through any tabloid or gossip magazine and chances are you’ll be inundated with articles discussing celebrities’ weight. Not only that, but celebrities’ postpartum weight. We are bombarded with amazing celebrity postpartum transformations and weight losses in the mass media and this unfortunately, this often dictates the societal expectations of body image for mothers after giving birth. What is omitted from these articles is that although these transformations are possible, they are not realistic or common. The celebrities that are applauded in magazines for swift transformations after delivering often receive assistance in the form of personal trainers, dieticians and nannies…luxuries that most mothers are not privy to.

The media obsession with women’s postpartum bodies, which constantly calls our attention to the figures of new celebrities mothers such as Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, is feeding a social fixation that needs to be stopped.

kim-k-bikini-1 tristaafter_blog mariah-carey-jenny-craig-weight-loss

What exactly have all these women’s bodies been “taken” by? 

Instead of the highly-retouched images seen above, we need the media to broadcast more realistic images of postpartum bodies, like the following image published by Taryn Brumfitt, found of Body Image Movement.




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