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Recently, I came across this excellent article on Smart Parenting, titled “Newbie Primer: 20 Helpful Tips for New Moms”.

What really resonated with me about the article is that along with the usual expected tips (“wearing” your baby gives you extra, much valued hands, people!), it really had a strong emphasis on really being okay with where you are in your experience of motherhood. There’s a really clear message of encouraging acceptance, which is what The Modern Motherhood Project is all about.

I’ve listed down below some great “newbie” tips from the article that a worth a read!

Let it out
“Cry if you need to. Admitting you are overwhelmed doesn’t make you any less worthy of being a mom. Getting it out of your system can be therapeutic— much better than keeping it all bottled up inside.” — Abigail Falcon, yoga instructor; mom to Raj, 3

Let go—for now
“For the first two months at least, let the room be messy, stop watching the clock, and subsist on takeout every few days or so. Your priority is your baby, and the only way you would survive is if you let go of the little things.” — Jill Chan-Sia, educator; mom to Evan, 4, and Elise, 2

Don’t worry
Remember: babies are stronger than they appear  “Babies may be delicate in some respects, but they are quite resilient in others. During my first few weeks of breastfeeding, I kept worrying that my newborn would starve to death because I felt he wasn’t getting enough breast milk. My pediatrician assured me that the milk would come and that I shouldn’t worry because my baby has fat deposits in him to tide him over in the meantime.” — Clarisse Morillo, administrative officer; mom to Jordan, 3

Don’t compare
“Every baby is different, and each one develops at his own pace. If your friend’s baby is already sleeping through the night at three months while yours still demands to be fed every few hours, don’t fret. If your two-year-old nephew is tall for his age and your son is just of average height, don’t worry! Comparing will make your more stressed because it is unrealistic. If your pediatrician isn’t worried, neither should you be.” — Farrah Copino, sales manager; mom to Jaime, 3

…There is always #BeautyInTheMess




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